01. Please don't speak to me in that [tone] of voice; it is a little too sarcastic.
02. The Chinese language is difficult to learn for me because it has a number of different [tones] which change the meaning of a word.
03. The whole [tone] of our meeting with management was very negative and unproductive.
04. The [tone] of her voice was very cold and distant.
05. The [tone] of the letter I received from my ex-wife was surprisingly friendly and relaxed.
06. Regular exercise helps to [tone] the muscles, and keep you in shape.
07. My wife wants pastel [tones] for the paint for our living room.
08. After one reaches the age of 50, people often experience a gradual reduction in the ability to hear [tones] at higher frequencies.
09. The walls of the building have an earthy red-brown [tone] which allows it to blend in well with the natural environment.
10. He apologized, but his [tone] was a little angry.
11. This exercise will [tone] the muscles without straining them or tiring you out.
12. Messages sent by e-mail are sometimes misinterpreted because the recipient can't always be sure of the [tone] which was intended by the speaker.
13. Experts say that communication between people is approximately 15% words, 60% body language, and 25% voice [tone].
14. When giving a presentation, try to vary your rate of speech, and [tone] of voice.
15. It's important to have a dynamic opener to any speech or presentation you give, in order to set an interesting [tone].
16. Swimming is an excellent way to improve your muscle [tone].
17. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus [tones] the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.
18. Lord Chesterfield once advised, "Take the [tone] of the company you are in."

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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